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Patient Advocate/Bud Tender

A Patient Advocate or Bud Tender works at a cannabis dispensary and interacts with patients and customers, answers questions, and provides the correct information for registered cannabis patients, caregivers, and customers making purchases.

Cannabis Cultivation Assistant

A Cannabis Cultivation Assistant assists the cannabis grow team with the activities of cultivating cannabis in all areas of the grow operation.

Cannabis Extraction Technician Assistant

A Cannabis Extraction Technician Assistant has the skills to support safely extracting useful molecular components from cannabis and hemp using various techniques, including both solvent and solventless extractions such as carbon dioxide, ethanol, hydrocarbons, and more.

Cannabis Culinary Assistant

A Cannabis Culinary Assistant is responsible for a variety of cooking, baking, and infusing cannabis- or hemp-based products with extracts.

Scholarships & Payment Plans

Scholarships and payment plans are available for these programs. 

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