Cannabis Extraction Technician Assistant

A Cannabis Extraction Technician Assistant has the skills to support safely extracting useful molecular components from cannabis and hemp using various techniques, including the use of both solvent and solventless extractions such as carbon dioxide, ethanol, hydrocarbons, etc. 

A CETA can demonstrate a general knowledge of production laboratory processes and procedures, as well as basic laboratory terminology and concepts. They will understand how to operate equipment safely, and regularly clean and maintain equipment. They will also understand recording data and logs in the lab. The assistant will also understand the various types of extraction techniques and concentrates produced (wax, shatter, oils, etc.). 

CETAs must demonstrate knowledge or interest in subjects such as chemistry, physics, phyto-biology, or chemical engineering. These positions require an interest or experience in laboratory science (chemistry, biology, biochemistry, etc.).

Starting in 2020

Mondays 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Session 1: June 1

Session 2: June 2

Session 3: June 8

Session 4: June 15

Session 5: June 22

Session 6: June 29


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Extraction Internship

Starts July 12

The extraction internship begins July 12, three days a week for two weeks for eight hours a day. Recreational and medical experience preferred.