Social Equity Training

The state's Cannabis Control Commission is implementing a variety of programs to actively engage people from communities of disproportionate impact and ensure their inclusion in the legal cannabis industry. Many of these were developed in response to evidence which demonstrates that certain geographic areas and demographic populations, particularly Black and Latinx, have been disproportionately impacted by high rates of arrest and incarceration for cannabis and other drug crimes as a result of state and federal drug policy. Criminalization has had long-term negative effects, not only on the individuals arrested and incarcerated, but on their families and communities.

Six training vendors were selected for the CCC program, with four tracks. Each vendor will offer the course in person at various locations in Massachusetts. C3RN was awarded 10 courses taught in Holyoke, Worcester, and Brockton. Holyoke courses will be for the entrepreneur track (over 100 participants) and will include five courses at the college for the participants selected by the CCC.  

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Learn more about the social equity program and read HCC/C3RN's announcement.

CCC Social Equity Courses